Looking for an alternative to UC Browser with quick page load times and accelerated downloads ? Look no further, we have gathered 5 of the best UC Browser alternatives for your smartphone.

UC Browser has long been one of the fastest browsers on Android. It has grown from a very lite browsers to a fully packed, feature rich browser in a very short time. The quick page load times and accelerated downloads has been the best features of UC Browser that increased its popularity in the Android Eco-system.

UC Browser on PlayStore
UC Browser on Google Playstore

UC Browser, as of today has over 500,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store. This highly popular browser is developed UCWeb, which is further owned by Alibaba Group.

On June 29, 2020, UC Browser was banned by the Government of India along with 58 other Chinese apps for concerns over users privacy.

Further, UC Browser which boasts of its own Ad-Blocker, has been recently showing full-screen advertisements. As a person who have been using UC Browser for a long time, these non skippable block advertisements made using the app a nightmare.

So, I decided to go find a best UC browser alternatives on Google Playstore. I began by downloading all of the popular browsers on the store(Yes, I skipped browsers from Chinese developers). I took my time going through each web browser, to find the best mobile web browser that can beat UC Browser in overall functionality and speed.

Best Android Browser Alternatives to UC Browser

1. Firefox Preview

Firefox preview
Firefox preview screenshots

Mozilla has multiple version of their popular browser on the play store – Firefox Browser (the original firefox), Firefox Focus, Firefox Lite and Firefox Preview. The Firefox preview, is the latest mobile browser from Mozilla, that is supposed to replace its original mobile browser later in the year.

The Mozilla Firefox has come a long terms in terms of usability and customization. Although I am true fan of Google chrome (despite its tracking nature), the switch I did for the review surprised me. I always had the Firefox as an alternative to chrome on my phone. But never have realized that the new Firefox has grown so much. The team behind Mozilla has been putting in real efforts realizing the growth in the number of mobile users.

One real nifty thing I loved about Mozilla Firefox Preview , is that unlike chrome, it has added support for addons available on the desktop. Yes, that means you can use popular plugins like uBlock Origin (my favorite ad-blocker), on your smartphone too. The new version also boasts of GeckoView engine, which is 2x faster than the previous versions.

If you’re more into Private mode browsing, I say you try out Firefox Focus, which provides complete incognito experience.

Get Firefox Preview from Playstore

2. Chrome Beta

Chrome Android browser
Chrome Screenshots

Chrome browser, from Google, based on the chromium project is my go to browser on the Android. Gone are the days of slow downloads, which had no pause/resume functionality. Chrome is now a fully fledged browser with an interlace that offers great usability. As interlace speeds has risen over the past few years, the page load times won’t be an issue on the new chrome. If you’re trying out Chrome, I say, check out the Chrome Beta. It has a few more feature additions than the original Chrome. There’s also a Chrome Dev edition which i won’t recommend trying (not stable).

It ‘s no secret that Google is tracking everyone and Chrome is just one one among many tools they own. But remember, you’re using Android or might’ve just used Google search, what difference does it really make,

Chrome Beta / Chrome Dev

3. Brave Private Browser

Brave browser Screenshots
Brave browser

Brave is another browser based on Chromium, so you’d fine a lot similarities to chrome. Unlike chrome, it focuses on privacy, like many new Android browsers. They claim that they’re not using your browsing data for anonymous needs (wait to see how far that goes on). The browser features a built in ad-blocker, however, they also have a feature called Brave Rewards. Brave rewards lets earn a part of their commission for viewing ads while browsing the internet.

Install brave

4. Opera Mini 50

Opera mini browser screenshots
Opera mini browser screenshots

Opera mini, has been the number one competitor for UC Browser from the beginning. Both browser were loved for their quick page load times. Well, nothing has changed with Opera, they have one of the fasted android browsers on the play store with great data compression algorithms. One let down with the older Opera browsers were the buggy downloads, which made many to switch to the UC Browser. They have improved the download manager quite a bit over time. You now have a smart download manager which is now integrated even with Opera Mini’s video player. Opera mini still is a great UC Browser alternative.

If you aren’t looking for a light weight browser., they also have a fully featured web browser called Opera Browser with built in VPN,

Get Opera mini / Opera browser with VPN

5. Opera Touch

Opera Touch Screencaps
Opera Touch

The opera touch is an award winning browser from Opera. It features a near futuristic Fast Action Button, which lets you control everything with just one finger. It is something to get used to, but is very helpful in handed usage situations. You can view/switch between the tabs or get access to instant search with this. This browser can also be connected to your desktop Opera browser for quick file transfer.

Install Opera Touch

Additional Recommendation

6. FireFox Lite

Firefox Lite Screenshots
Firefox Lite Screenshots

Firefox Lite is a light-weight alternative of your favorite android browser from Firefox. It has turbo mode to speed up the browsing experience. At just 6MB in total size, the app is perfect for smartphones short on memory. There is nothing here to boast of in terms of extra functionality, you get a fast mobile browser with in a very light weight package.

Download Firefox lite


That was a few of the fastest mobile browsers from android playstore that offered a stable and fast browsing experience. Any of these browsers can easily be your favorite UC Browser alternative. All of the mobile browsers listed above, features built-in Ad-blockers and speed boosts to provide high speed browsing and downloading.

Share your thoughts on the best android browser alternatives to UC Browser below. Also, drop a comment if I missed your favorite browser.