If you’re trying to watch your favorite Netflix or Amazon Prime videos for free on your iPhone or Android smartphone, look no further, this post will explain you how.

One best way we spent our spare time is by streaming movies or TV-shows. The most popular to-go option are Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. They work on a monthly or yearly subscription model that let’s you access all the contents from any of you devices.

Netflix Pricing
Netflix Pricing

Don’t wanna pay and still want to watch all the popular shows on your Android phone or iOS devices from a reliable source for free. We have a work around for you, that you might not be aware of yet.

Follow the simple steps below to stream your favorite TV-shows and movies for free.

Step 1: Installing an App from Play Store/App Store.

Installing WATCHED – Multimedia Browser from Google Play Store or iOS App Store

  • Depending on whether you’re from iOS/Android, go to Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Search for WATCHED – Multimedia Browser
Watched Playstore

Watched Multimedia Browser on playstore

Watched Multimedia Browser

Watched Multimedia Browser on iOS App Store

  • Install it.

Step 2 : Configuring the App for FREE STREAMING

Content source has to be specified to configure the app and watch your favorite Netflix shows for free

  • Open the App
  • Click the ‘+‘ on the top right corner
  • Enter the URL “huho.to” and click continue
Adding a bundle to WATCHED app
  • It will resolve for a moment and all your favorite shows will be displayed.
Movies on Watched Android app

Step 3: Using WATCHED – Multimedia Browser

Features of WATCHED – Multimedia Browser

Movies can be searched based on the genre

Once a TV show is selected, you get options to choose the season you wish to watch. You can also watch the trailer or other related contents.

Once you’ve selected a movie or an episode to stream, you get a number of servers to choose from.