Are you looking for android music players that has a clean yet feature rich user interface?

You’re at the right place. In this post, you’ll be going across the best offline music player apps for your Android phone.

There are hundreds of music player apps on the play store. Most often, the more functional ones won’t give you a great user experience. These applications might lack in user interface design which further downgrades the user experience.

It is hard pick out the best one as user experience expectations vary by person to person. However, you can use the following list which narrow down the best android music players for you to select from.

While creating this list of best android music players, I gave utmost importance to two things:

  • User interface – a great ui is something we expect in 2020. Playstore is floating with apps having minimalist and fluid user interface designs. Finding the right match is hard.
  • Features – Just because an app looks great doesn’t make it functional. Everyone one expects to have at least the standard features in it. The more the features the better the app will be.

I’ve below curated the best android music players for you to choose from.


Retro Music Player

Retro Music Player



Retro music player arguably has the best user interface for an mp3 player on the Google play store as of now. It follows material design elements through out the app with lots of colors and accents to choose from. But a great design alone would not alone give you the best listening experience, it needs to have a tone of features. No worries, Retro Player excels in features too. You’ll find all the needy features for a local mp3 player app for your android phone.

A few of the many features of Retro Music apps are list listed below:

  • 3 App interface themes – Clearly white, Kinda dark, Just black
  • More than 10 themes for now playing
  • Folder filter – you can blacklist or whitelist folders
  • Music duration filter
  • Sleep timer
  • Playlist drag drop with the basic create, edit and import
  • User profiles
  • Auto playlist which generated based on the recent playback history

Pi Music player

Pi music player

Pi music player may not look as catchy as retro music player, but it definitely has a great user interface to deal with. It is one of the highest rated offline music player on the Google play store right now. The strong list of features this free mp3 player packs under its sleeves is undoubtedly the reason behind its popularity.

A few of the features of Pi music player are:

  • YouTube streaming support
  • Equalizer built inMusic tag editor
  • Built in mp3 cutter to create ringtones
  • Pi Power share features which allows you to send mp3 tracks to other devices
  • Gloss, Light, Dark and Black Theme supported along with different background options.

Musixmatch Lyrics

musixmatch player

Musixmatch is a unique music player that has lyrics support. It has a lyric database of over a million songs and more. Musixmatch will automatically identify and get the lyrics to any song that’s playing. It also supports other online streaming services like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud(and more) to show instant lyrics. An amazing floating widget to show the lyrics of the current playing track is one of the best features this music player has.

What makes musixmatch stand out :

  • LyricsCard feature that lets you share lyrics with others
  • Lockscreen and floating widget support.
  • Auto fetch album details
  • You can edit or add lyrics to any songs
  • Supports Android wear devices
  • Chromecast support

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player is a very lightweight music player which is completely ad-free. This music player shouldn’t be the one, if you’re looking for an elegant looking app. Yet, I have it on the list and is one of the most rated music player android. No doubt, it is the features that this apps packs in a lightweight package that makes it one of the favorites. This mp3 player does not ask for internet permissions which makes it completely ad-free. This also means that you can’t have any online streaming support on this truly offline mp3 player.

Main features of Musicolet

  • Completely ad-free
  • Only music player in play store to support multiple queues.
  • Music tag edior which allows you to edit the tracks’ meta data
  • Has a built in equalizer
  • Dark and Black themes
  • Sleep timers which allows you to close app after a certain time or number of songs.


phonograph music player

Phonograph was one of the first music players on PlayStore to feature material design elements. It has a very clean and easy to use interface, nothing to boast of here. You get a theme chooser that has 3 different options to select from. In addition, you get to choose primary and secondary accent colors. The free version only lets you select from 5 accents, which is more than enough. Coming to the player aspects, you get all the standard features such as tag editor, playlist editor and lock screen customization. Phonograph has been lacking in updates recently, otherwise would’ve ranked closer to retro music player.

Best of phonograph:

  • Neat user interface.
  • Open source
  • Theme engine with dynamic color
  • Lockscreen customizations
  • Tag editor

Additional Recommendations

Eon Player

eon player

Eon is very similar to Phonograph in its user interface – it’s clean and minimal. I believe it’s written on top of Phonograph player. You get a theme engine with 4 basic themes to choose from – Light, Dark, Black and Transparent. I really loved the welcome screen of the app, which lets you choose the theme and the home screen layout in the beginning itself. Eon features include basic tag editor, auto album arts download, built in equalizer and more.

Lark Player

lark player

Lark Player isn’t the one with the most modern UI, but isn’t outdated as well. Lark Player supports music and video of all major formats. It also features an amazing floating controls to quickly change tracks. Further, lark player has a rating of 4.7 from over 1.4 million reviews in play store. It also supports sleep timer and a powerful equalizer.

Samsung Music

samsung music player

As name sounds Samsung Music is best suited for Samsung devices. Before you say NO.., it will work great on other devices running Android too. Samsung Music has an amazing user interface with almost all necessary features. It supports MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC audio formats. Samsung Music has in built recommendations from Spotify.

Hey, that’s it for now. Android app store always gives us wonders. This post will be regularly updated for any new app new releases and updates to existing one. Comment your favorite android music players below. Stay safe.