Tired of going through years old recommendation for the best android launchers like Nova launcher and Smart launcher , YOU’RE AT THE RIGHT PLACE.

There’s no doubt that the above android launchers offers a great level of customization. But I am tired of those. Aren’t you?

Android has come a long way in terms of customizability. What was only available through custom roms and mods a few years ago is now built into Android. For example, Gesture navigation was available through Xposed modules before they were introduced to Official Android. A lot of features that was available only through custom home screen launchers is now baked right into the Pixel launcher.

Do you need a Cutsom Android launcher in 2020?

You’ll be looking for a best android launcher from the Play Store for two obvious reasons:

More Customization
The stock launchers often comes with limited amount of customization options baked in. This can be a set down for Android users look for a more tailored experience. If you’re using a Pixel series phone from Google, which ships with vanilla Android, you’ll get the Pixel launcher that’s deeply integrated with the latest Android release. For the pure Android lovers this is a feast and is undoubtedly one of the best android launchers available. However, the native pixel launcher lacks in customization. But Android never disappoints, you can switch to a launcher of your choice.
Better Pixel Experience
If you’re looking for a home-screen replacement on your Android phone, you might be among the Android users on a custom OEM skin. Major Android smartphone manufactures like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo ship their phones with a custom UI on top of Android. And yes,all of these custom skins comes with a custom android launcher. These launchers lack integration with other Google services like Google Now cards, Gestures etc.



The list of best android launchers that offers great customization and deep android integrations.

Lawnchair 2

The best pixel experience

Lawnchair adds a huge amount of customizability on top of the Pixel launcher. It is based on the Launcher3 from the AOSP releases, By far, Lawnchair is the most feature rich version and stable among android launchers based on launcher3. Lawnchair2 is completely free as of now, making it the best android launcher alternative to the Pixel launcher.

Lawnchair android launcher


  • Pixel launcher style
  • Google Feed
  • Android native gesture support
  • Android recents integration
  • Adaptive icons, Notification gestures,
  • Dynamic themes with auto dark mode and more
  • Completely free

Hyperion launcher

Better than Lawchair if you’re ready to unlock the pro version.

If you are into android modding, you definitely have heard about Substratum theme engine. Hyperion launcher is from prjkt.io, the makers of Substratum. Hyperion is yet another feature rich launcher that gives you the utmost pixel experience. It is fast, fluid and moreover stable having an active development. A lot of the options are only available on the Pro version, which is a $2.69 ad-don, but the upgrade is worth it.

Hyperion launcher features

  • Google Feed support
  • Launcher and accent theming
  • Launcher level App lock
  • Fonts support on Pro
  • Custom gestures.

Microsoft Launcher

The best android launcher if you’re not looking for a Pixel launcher alternative.

What else to recommend, when Microsoft is providing a highly customizable launcher with great features for free on. Play Store. Microsoft launcher is loaded with features and beats every other laucnher in terms of functionality. In addition, this launcher also allows seamsless connection with your Windows PC.

Microsoft launcher

What’s so special about Microsoft launcher

  • Personalized feed with latest news and calendar events.
  • Great theming support with 4 options to choose from
  • Adaptive icons and icon pack support
  • Huge list of Gestures
  • Alternative Notification bar from bottom
  • Luckily you also Google search support (though bing is set as default)

Zone Launcher

Unique launcher that you need to try today.

Zone launcher may not be able to replace you current android launcher, but can definitely make you forget about its existence. Zone launcher acts more of as an edge launcher, that lets you launch an app literally from any screen. While trying, i really loved the convenience the app brought to me. It is quick and easy to get used to.

What makes zone launcher stand out:

  • can work as a sidebar, edge screen/app drawer
  • zones – which lets you arrange apps into categories for quick launching
  • gestures based opening which can customized
  • low memory usage

POCO Launcher 2.0

The best android launcher from an OEM

Xiaomi is one among the leading smartphone manufactures in the world and Poco/Pocophone is their subsidiary. Well, Poco launcher is from Poco. While it may seem like another custom launcher from a smartphone manufacturer, poco launcher introduced a lot of new things into the MIUI (Xiaomi’s heavy skin on top of Android) at the time of launch. Like, the swipe up to launch the app drawer, similar to the Pixel launcher. It has categorized apps on the launcher with support for custom icon packs. If you’re on a Xiaomi phone, this is a must replacement for your default launcher.

Poco launcher screenshots

Why should you try Poco launcher

  • Simple design following the Pixel launcher
  • Customizations including icon packs, and theming with dark ui
  • Categorized apps in the app drawer
  • Hide apps

That was just five of the best android launcher that seemed to stand out. This list will be updated regularly to include new launchers as they roll out. Stay tuned.

Feel free to leave a comment about what you like/dislike about these launchers.